When Reading to Your Baby Turns Magical(and what John Denver has to do with it)

Has reading to your child ever given you goosebumps? (And I mean in a good way!) It may not happen often. And it probably doesn’t happen to everyone. But if you’ve shared the adaptation of John Denver’s Sunshine on My Shoulders with your little sunshine, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Listening to John Denver’s rendition of the song, in itself, is an experience one doesn’t forget easily. What’s more, the pages of this cheerful book come alive with Christopher Canyon’s splendid illustrations. Brimming with innocence, whimsy, humor, wonder and amazement that characterize a child’s view of life and his surroundings, the book is sure to be one that stays in your( and your child’s) heart, mind and memory for a long time. Not to mention your book shelf.

Simple verses extoll the beautiful nature of sunshine, love and friendship and how they permeate our lives. When you listen to the CD and read/sing it along with your child, Denver’s simple, yet sincere wish – for the reader and the child in each of us – to have a day ‘just like today’ and for ‘sunshine all the while’ will tug at your heart strings, on at least a few occasions. 

This is another great book that you can share with kids of all ages. The soothing melody and lyrics along with the bright, crisp illustrations will appeal to very young babies. Older kids may enjoy singing along with the CD and observing the pictures more closely. I think this book makes a wonderful gift for expecting and new parents, kids and tweens.  When you share Sunshine on My Shoulders with your child, you aren’t just reading or singing the words. The magic of John Denver’s music and Christopher Canyon’s illustrations actually transport you to a different realm where you simply begin to appreciate nature, relationships, your family, friends, music, love and everything else that you are blessed with…a little bit more every time you read.

At least, that has been my experience. What do you think?

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