Don’t Miss Reading These Children’s Books

4 Great Summer Reads For Kids
It’s been a while since we read these books and I decided it’s about time I shared them with you without letting any more time slip by.

On to some of the books my almost 5-year old loved this past summer.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
By: Beatrix Potter
First published in 1902,
by Frederick Warne & Co.

They’re called classics for a reason. “Thoroughly enjoyed” wouldn’t begin to describe what M experienced every time we read this one. M needed no reason to re-read this book a few dozen times in a span of maybe a week. Whether it was Peter Rabbit’s mischievousness, resourcefulness or intermittent helplessness she could relate to and appreciate – I’ll never know. But what I do know is given a choice, M would choose a day like the one Peter had in a blink. Sure, Peter’s siblings were rewarded for their good behavior with a delicious meal while Peter went to bed with camomile tea. But Peter probably wouldn’t trade one heart-pounding moment, thrilling adventure or tight corner he had encountered and survived that day for any number of currant buns or milk. And something tells me, there’s a little bit of Peter in my little M who’d pick daring antics over dinner any day.

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit

I Don’t Want To Go
By: Addie Meyer Sanders, Illustrations: Andrew Rowland
Joey doesn’t want to take the train ride to his grandparents’ house…until he does. Joey doesn’t want to go to the supermarket with granny or fishing with grandpa or to his cousin’s birthday party…until he does. ‘I Don’t Want to Go’ is a sweet story of a little boy who fears change and especially an unknown one, but when he actually gets there, he is too busy having fun to notice that the very source of his anxiety has turned into enjoyment. Be sure to pick this book up to read to your little one before his first day of school, a big trip, a move to a new city or any other ‘I don’t want to go’ moment.

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Go To Bed
By: Helen Cooper
There’s only one place this other little boy doesn’t want to go to. And that is to bed. Even as his mother reminds him of bed time, he speeds away in his car to places as far away as the moon and as fascinating as castles, forests and train depots, meeting ferocious beasts, soldiers, musicians and even Mr.Moon himself. Not finding anyone to keep him company through his all night adventure, the boy finally comes around and decides that maybe going back to bed isn’t such a bad idea. After you’ve read this book with your little one, help her take a journey of her own to places you dream up together.

The Piano
The many layers in this book addressing race, human nature, compassion and unconditional love may be meant for your older kids. But that certainly shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this book with your 4 or 5 year old if she loves stories about people, music and love. I know for a fact that this was M’s favorite reads in many months. Partly because it’s about a little girl who loves music purely, wholly, unconditionally and would do anything to experience it. M has been taking basic lessons in piano and so far has been enjoying it. Practising every day is not her favorite thing to do, but thankfully, it doesn’t take too much coaxing to get her started. And once we’ve crossed the initial bridge, the practice session itself isn’t too painful considering her age and my utter lack of knowledge of the kind of music she’s learning. But I think it was good for her to read about how the girl in the story, Tia, felt about music. It reminded her of snowy mountains and faraway places, castles and other beautiful sights. And without planning it or expecting to find anything, she finds herself in a situation where she has access to rich music all day and even piano lessons from a kind, elderly woman. ‘The Piano’ is the journey of a little girl who loves music into a place she has only dreamed of but never experienced before. But what’s even more beautiful about the story is how her pure love of music reaches out and touches things, circumstances and people around her in unexpected, inspiring ways. I do hope you and your child get as much peace and pleasure out of reading this book as M and I did.

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