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Baby Loves Books

Baby Loves Books

Hi there! Welcome, I am so glad you stopped by.

This is a blog for┬áparents, early childhood educators, librarians and just about anyone fascinated by picture books and children’s literature and interested in early literacy programs, the benefits of reading to children and all things related.

Babylovesbooks.com was born in the summer of 2009. As the mom of an amazing 3-year-old, I was enjoying every moment of raising her and couldn’t believe what a wonderful and adventurous journey I had embarked on as a parent.

Reading to her was a BIG part of this. It was probably one of the things I loved most about being a mom–sharing books, words, pictures and all that irreplaceable one-on-one time with my precious one.

The Journey of this Blog

I started this blog primarily to chronicle our journey together through the world of children’s picture books and classic storybooks. But, I also wanted to share the discoveries I made along the way with other parents and anyone who enjoyed reading to and with children. I realized I was stumbling across all these tips and tricks about reading that may be useful to others. I also wanted to use the blog as a platform to discuss literacy challenges around us and to try and promote literacy initiatives and reading programs that help children in more ways than we can imagine.

It is 2013 and although my daughter is an independent reader now, I am delighted to say that we still share a few special moments of reading together every night at bedtime. She still enjoys listening to me read. As for me, I wouldn’t want to trade those few minutes in the day for anything and am secretly pleased that my daughter still loves being read to!

The blog has evolved slowly but surely over the years. There were times when I didn’t blog for months at a time and times when I couldn’t type fast enough to get my thoughts out onto the screen. But one thing hasn’t changed and that is my conviction that a strong and beautiful bond is fostered by reading with children as often as possible. That is why, I believe that reading to kids can enrich lives, expand horizons and alter attitudes.

I believe we can create a better world by leaving behind beautiful human beings who were showered with love, compassion and attention as children.

A glimpse at what you’ll find here:

* Tips and suggestions on how to read to your baby, how to pick the right stories or books for your baby, how to find the time to read to your baby, how to raise a reader, clever tricks to get reluctant readers to love books and more
* Reviews of baby story books, common elements of best baby books, book recommendations for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and older children
* Product reviews
* A discussion of reading methods, reading programs for kids, literacy initiatives, suggestions and announcements related to story sessions, library events etc
* Interviews with librarians, teachers, early childhood educators, child development specialists, children’s authors, illustrators, parents and other professionals

The back, back story behind babylovesbooks.com (Posted originally in July 2009)

It seemed silly at first. All the books and parenting newsletters I subscribed to told me about the benefits of reading to my baby, starting as early as when she was weeks old. I didn’t question the studies. But, I visualized myself in my sleep-deprived, new mom days, book in one hand, baby on my lap – reading aloud to the little bundle that had kept me up most of the night (and day.) I wasn’t so sure.

But I tried it anyway. (Full disclosure: I can stare at picture books for hours on end without getting bored, so it wasn’t too hard. ) So, I added ‘books to read to the baby’ to my baby shopping list and picked up a couple of small board books.

I started reading to my daughter when she was about 4 days old (Heck, we were up anyway and there’s not much else you can do with those tiny things.) And haven’t been able to stop.

The first book we read together was ‘My Baby Elephant’–a tiny, square, felt book with a purple cover. Now, three years later, we’ve covered dozens of fairy tales, bedtime story books, Mother Goose rhymes, Dora’s, Curious George’s, Disney’s, Baby Einstein’s and countless others. The parenting newsletters continue to tell me how all this reading may be making my daughter smarter, improving her vocabulary and memory.

And I’m sure it is. But the fun we’ve had along the way is the best part. Reading with my daughter is one of the most enjoyable activities we share. The way her eyes light up when we pick out books at the library, the expression she has when she waits for me to start a book, the way she looks at my lips as I pronounce new words in the book, the delightful moments we share when she completes a phrase or points out to a character in the book in response to a question…it all gives me such indescribable joy. When I picked out that first book three years ago, little did I know how much I would end up enjoying the process of reading with my baby and evolving with her and with every book we finished.

I hope my daughter is benefiting from all this reading. I know for sure that I am. Reading with my little girl has helped me see things differently. Through this blog, I hope to share some of those wonderful experiences and to read about some of yours.

Among other things, I’ll blog about the books we read, how we liked them, the great ones, the boring ones, the ones that made us laugh or cry, the ones that kept her up all night, the games we play after we read…all the things that make reading together so much fun.


Thank you for stopping by. I hope you’ll share some of your reading adventures with me.

Full time mom and freelance writer…enjoying the best aspects of both since 2006.

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